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From here you will find a short wrap-up about the AcrossGreenland2014 -expedition. Our working language is Finnish, but we always try to include a short summary in English to the blog posts. You are warmly welcome to follow us on our expedition and comment posts!

In addition to the blog you can find us from Facebook (Across Greenland 2014) and Twitter (@pohjoisemmas). You can also reach us by e-mail: pohjoisemmas AT  gmail.com.

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AcrossGreenland2014 is a Finnish five-member expedition with aim to ski about 600 kilometres across Greenland’s ice sheet from the West coast to the East coast during April and May 2014.

We all share an enthusiasm and interest towards Arctic, long ski expeditions and all kinds of outdoor activities in general. We have known each other for years and during that time skied together in Scandinavia, Svalbard and on Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland.

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Ski expedition across Vatnajökull glacier in 2012: Vatnajökull 2012 blot posts

The Expedition

The ski team

Expedition leader
Jaakko “Korpi-Jaakko” Heikka
27 years

2012_03_30_5945_900               IMG_5645_900
Jouni Tanninen                                                     Matias Utriainen
43 years                                                                   36 years
Oulu                                                                         Hollola

2012_03_30_5965_900 IMG_5054_900
Nina Teirasvuo                                                      Heini Koivuniemi
27 years                                                                   28 years
Lappeenranta                                                        Oulu

The support team in Finland

Communications – Jari Nousiainen
Expedition doctor – Miika Keso

The Plan

We start our trip by flying from Helsinki via Copenhagen to settlement of Kangerlussuaq in western Greenland during 13.-14.4.2014. In Kangerlussuaq we’re going to spend few days dealing with the last expedition issues with the local authorities, checking that our equipment sent beforehand is alright and making sure that everything else is in order for the take off. On 16th of April we’ll be transported by a car to the edge of the glacier and start skiing.

Between 16th of April and 15th of May we are doing some heavy duty skiing a day after day. Approximately after 200 kilometres of skiing we’ll be passing an abandoned radar station DYE2 which belonged to the Distant Early Warning Line deactivated in the late 1980’s.

Around May 14th we will arrive to small settlement of Isortoq by the East coast. On 15th of May we take a helicopter ride to Tasiilaq where we’ll be spending few days to recover after the skiing and organize our gear for the freight back to Finland. On May 17th we will fly from Tasiilaq via Kulusuk to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. The next day we will travel the last leg of our trip: fly back to Finland.